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Eating Meat-Only in January: A Carnivore Challenge to Start the New Year

1 pound Grass-Fed Ground Beef
Grass-Fed Ground Beef

I'm sure you have heard of the carnivore diet, carnivore challenge, the carnivore craze! If not, you have now and I'm sure there are questions.

  • What is it?

  • What is it not?

  • Why should you try it?

  • Why you shouldn’t!

  • What are some of the benefits?

AND most importantly, why and what I am doing throughout January and the reason you should follow along.

Each and every year I typically do some sort of resolution, something typically kept quiet and held closely to me as it's kind of personal. Or maybe because I think I'm going to fail.

Well in 2023 I'm feeling older, worn down, and all in all tired. The excuse I keep hearing is "You are 41 years old, it happens." Well, I don’t like to take things like that at face value and just give up.

Here is me not giving up!

This challenge is about being mentally strong as much as becoming physically stronger. So, here is my challenge rules for my self. Take them, leave them, do what works for you. But do something.

Eat a high protein, high fat diet of animal products. Eggs, beef, pork, chicken, organ meats, lamb, dairy, fish, shell fish……..if it came from an animal, then eat it. There is debate on many of these items, mostly because some people treat the diet as an elimination diet, a diet to figure out what is causing you discomfort or problems. (hint, its typically sugar)

I personally will be limiting my dairy intake to mostly cheese, and I probably won't be consuming any shell fish after a very recent episode involving crab legs and an antihistamine!

Move! Exercise daily. Lots of movement, this will minimize most peoples worry about cholesterol. Cholesterol problems are typically due to a sedentary life. About 75% of cholesterol is made by your own body. Give your body the tools to removing the cholesterol by moving your body!

Cold therapy!

Get cold everyday, like really cold, you are supposed to shiver. Be safe about this, but I think we all understand that cold does not give you the flu or a cold, you just don’t get sick from being cold.

You need to get yourself uncomfortably cold. I do a cold plunge every day and sit in a stock tank filled with water for approximately 5 minutes. I get out and stand outside in what you call a full horse position getting some dynamic stretching and movement in, slowly warming up and air drying.


I ask myself this question almost every day!

It has some health benefits, like reducing swelling. I used to put ice on a sore knee, but when my whole body started hurting, I decided to ice my entire body! It works and will reduce inflammation.

It wakes you up! You imagine that it would right?

It gets your endorphins going. I do my breathing exercises much like Wim Hof, this will reduce stress and help teach you to control your fight/flight and anxiety.

But other than the health benefits, I think the biggest benefit to the cold plunge is the mental obstacle of making yourself cold and then overcoming it. It’s not easy doing something uncomfortable.

Other ways to get your cold on?

Cold showers are popular and convenient. Do as much cold water as you can stand. Or, in Wisconsin we can just go outside in less clothes and walk outside without a jacket.

NO recreational drugs, alcohol, or nicotine.

We are trying to live a healthier life and trying to prove to ourselves that we are heading our problems off. Face your problems head on. Plus, these things will curb your ambitions. If my friends can’t support me in not having a beer, then is that really someone you need to be friends with?


This may be the one thing I’m curious about, but I think could be BS. Walk outside without any shoes on. I typically do it right after my ice bath for a few minutes a day. It’s supposed to let you off load extra electricity or something. I really need to do more research so if you have a better explanation I would love to hear it.

I do feel better doing it, but it may be just between the ears.

Walk 8,000 steps a day.

We are made to move! This is a minimum.

I'm going to try and post often on what I'm doing, how I'm doing and weigh myself here and there.

I started off at 245 at 39 years old walking with a cane some days. I had to change my life.

I'm currently 220 at 41 years old and my goal is 185, but healthy. Let’s see what we can do to encourage each other to do something good for ourselves and prove to ourselves that we can do something.

Take what you want from the challenge, leave what you don’t want.

This challenge should be personal to you, to push yourself. It’s a completion to your own mind, but as a team I think we will all come out better.

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