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Grass Fed Beef


Acceptable Forages, Feeds, Minerals and Supplements

Perennial and annual grasses, legumes, and forbs that are not genetically modified (Non-GMO).

Feeding stored forages in the form of hay or haylage is acceptable when pastures are dormant. Cattle should be grazed at least 120 days per year with 90% of their diet coming from the pasture.

Kelp, Salt, Molasses (Up to 4 pounds per day), Flax oil grown without pesticides or herbicides (Up to 4 ounces per day), Apple Cider Vinegar


  • Grain or grain byproducts

  • DGS

  • Soybean hulls

  • Mature Corn

  • Silage – Applies 3 years prior to slaughter of cull animals

  • Minerals or Vitamins in block or granular form that have grain/gain byproduct ingredients

  • Rumensin and all ionophores

  • Growth hormones or implants

  • Animal byproducts

  • All subtherapeutic antibiotics

  • All therapeutic antibiotics

Animal Performance

A minimum weight gain performance of 1.25 lbs/day must be achieved over the lifetime of the animal. All finished animals should be under 30 months of age.

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